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In this track I play a brand new instrument called ‚The Space Pipe‘. It gives an amazing new sound quality for melodic compositions as well as groove and beat oriented music: Watch it live here:

beautiful non-sense video from German Mr. Thomas on Vimeo.

In the following clip you can watch me performing my own composition based on Raga Bhairav. This raga is one of the most beautiful but very difficult to play on a flute. Anyhow I made a beautiful song of it and send all my love to India.

I Love India from German Mr. Thomas on Vimeo.

The next song is based on North Indian Dha Dra beat. I play an African Sansula, the Russsian Overtone Flute and Kanjira. My piano player Christian Poffo gives me a tight base to play and works out an amazing solo in the second half of the song.

kolkata blues video from German Mr. Thomas on Vimeo.

The next track is about my life and the mood in the Indian Himalaya. I spent there 6 month and exchanged knowhow with great Indian musicians coming from Benaris to escape the heat during summertime. The noises in the background like the cow, the birds and the Indian people are recorded and quantized to the beat. I call this ’noise-grooves‘ and I guess this is a new type of music. Anyhow, have fun and dream about the himal when you hear this track.

walking himal video from German Mr. Thomas on Vimeo.