Mr. Thomas biography in the short:

  • Born as a musician in Wuppertal, Germany
  • 1979 professional start as a freelancing musician
  • 1982 production and engineering for Pina Bausch Dance Theatre
  • Studying Jazz and composition at Royal Conservatory of Arnhem, Netherlands
  • 1996 – 2007 CEO, Head of technologies, music- and media production. Mr. Thomas is inventor of SilverFabric technologies.
  • 2007 – 2011 work as freelancing studio and live-musician in Asia.
  • since 2012 solo performer Armenian Duduk and since 2014 additonally the Indian Kanjira Drum


Some more information:

During the past 6 years Mr. Thomas spent most of his time living in India. To him India stands for dramatic changes in his life and today he feels deeply connected to this amazing country and it’s culture. He worked for the major Bollywood film industrials in Mumbai. In Kolkata Mr. Thomas worked as a supporting musician for Victor Wooten and, after supporting bands till then, he held  first own solo concerts. In Goa he performed with best musicians of the Goan jazz scene like Elvis Lobos and the lovely Joan Fernandez. In the Himalayas he had the pleasure to live and performed with tabla masters coming from Benares. There Mr. Thomas learnt to speak the Indian Rhythm language Konnakol and found his own way to integrate this amazing method into western music. In the Himal he worked as teacher for music and painting and learnt to build flute instruments. 30 Km away from Bangladesh he got in touch with Baul musicians in the jungle and learnt from this blessed people how to play the Indian Kanjira. During a six month stay in Kathmandu, Nepal Mr. Thomas entered the jazz scene over there but most of his time he performed with tabla masters playing music in Nepali temples and in his own kitchen. Also he started to share time and  knowledge with homeless and lost street kids. Teaching, cooking, singing and painting for them will be a fixed part of his future life time.