Welcome to Mr. Thomas Intercontinental Grooves…..

Soulful, extra-terristic, never heard before, atmospheric, depth, sophisticated…

Mr. Thomas is a professional composer and multi-instrumentalist. Formerly working for the German event scene and Indian Bollywood majors producing countless sounds and tracks for industrial movies  today he live performs an exotic fusion of ethnic music mixed with ‚cineastic‘ sounds.

By trade, Mr. Thomas is a studied jazz guitarist. But due to his works as a sound designer and composer he ended up performing many instruments. Just to name a few: The Indian bass flutes, Indian Bansuri, South-Indian Kanjira drum, African Sansula, Russian Kalyuka and the famous Hang drum from Switzerland. On top of this, in his music he integrates many special sounding flutes he builds in his own laboratory.

A brand-new special is an instrument which he calls ‚The  Space Pipe‘. An impressive 180 cm high flute system which truly sounds beautiful. If you don’t see it you can’t get it. So please have a look at the video and audio section on intercontinental-grooves.com to get an impression of this incredible and new flute system.